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本文摘要:Github, an online forum for software developers that also hosts tools used by Chinese internet users to bypass censorship, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe originated in China.软件开发人员在线论坛网站Github遭遇强大网络攻击,安全性专家坚信这次网络攻击源于中国。


Github, an online forum for software developers that also hosts tools used by Chinese internet users to bypass censorship, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe originated in China.软件开发人员在线论坛网站Github遭遇强大网络攻击,安全性专家坚信这次网络攻击源于中国。目前,Github网站上托管地着中国互联网用户能用来绕过中国国内审查机制的工具软件。The San Francisco-based start-up said it was experiencing the largest denial-of-service attack in its history, as cyber criminals bombarded the site with traffic in an attempt to take it offline.这家总部派驻旧金山的初创公司回应,该网站于是以经历建站以来最大规模的“拒绝服务”(DoS)反击。

所谓拒绝服务反击,是指网络罪犯通过极大的流量空袭某个特定网站,以使其下线的网络攻击方法。In a blog post, the company said the attack had started on Thursday and involved a “wide combination of attack vectors”, including “sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood github.com with high levels of traffic”.该公司在一篇博客文章中回应,这次网络攻击始自周四,“参予的反击媒介涵括范围很广”,用于了“十分复杂的新技术,通过不受信任的无辜人群的网络浏览器,以极高流量水平冲击了github.com网站”。

The company said that based on reports it had received, “we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content”.该公司回应,根据它已接到的涉及报告,“我们坚信此次反击的意图是劝说我们去除特定类别的内容”。The privately owned company would not specify what content was being targeted. The site is mainly used by software engineers and start-ups to store and collaborate on their work.这家私人有限公司的公司会透漏明确拒绝去除的内容是什么。目前,用于该网站的主要是软件工程师和初创企业,他们用它存储其工作内容并积极开展相互合作。But it also contains copies of some websites banned in China, including a page run by Greatfire.org that helps Chinese internet users circumvent government censorship.不过,该网站还托管地着部分中国被封网站的拷贝,其中还包括Greatfire.org网站运营的一个网页。

Greatfire.org是一家协助中国互联网用户绕过政府审查机制的网站。Security experts said the attack appeared to have originated in China, with the web browsers of foreign visitors to Baidu.com, the Chinese search engine, stealthily redirected to Github, overwhelming the site with traffic.多名安全性专家回应,此次反击或许源于中国,中国搜索引擎百度网车站(Baidu.com)的外国访问者的浏览器被不为人知地重定向至Github网站,从而令其该网站的流量多达其承受能力。Github was temporarily blocked in China in 2013.2013年,Github网站在中国曾被临时删除。Adam Fisk of Getlantern.org, a site that provides tools for bypassing China’s “Great Firewall” and hosts its installers on Github, said this kind of DDOS attack could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, and might be aimed at putting pressure on Github to take down content that could not be blocked wholesale because Github is widely used by China’s technology industry.Getlantern.org网站的亚当菲斯克(Adam Fisk)回应,这种分布式拒绝服务反击(DDoS)一天就不会令其企业遭受数十万美元损失。


采行这种攻击方式有可能目的向Github施加压力,被迫该网站所取下无法被删除的内容。由于中国高科技产业也在普遍用于Github网站,从整体上将该网站删除并不不切实际。“Github is hugely important to the whole internet, it’s where everyone keeps their code,” Mr Fisk said. “The more disturbing strategy shift this represents is that the Chinese are going after sites such as Github not through blocking but through denial of service attacks. It seems like what they are doing is trying to bend Github to their will, to intimidate them.”菲斯克回应:“Github对整个互联网都至关重要,所有人都把代码放到该网站上。这次反击表明出有,中国人于是以通过拒绝服务实行反击而不是删除对付这类网站,从而将其策略改向更加注重妨碍对方运作的方式。


他们的目的看上去或许是企图报复Github网站,以便让该网站按照他们的意志行事。”Github has managed to keep much of the site live during the attack. It has published regular status updates showing the attention of the hackers switching between different parts of the forum and the highest levels of traffic flooding the system in waves.在此次反击期间,Github顺利地维持了网站大部分内容的运作。该网站公布了一份例会状态改版,表明出有黑客的注意力在网站有所不同部分间大大移往,冲击其系统的最低流量水平也时高时低。

The US has accused the Chinese People’s Liberation Army of hacking into American websites, with the FBI recently investigating an attack on Register.com, which manages website addresses, according to people familiar with the probe. The Chinese military denies the accusation and insists it is a victim in the recent global surge in cyber warfare.美国曾指控中国人民解放军(PLA)反击美国网站。知情人士回应,美国联邦调查局(FBI)最近曾对管理网址的Register.com网站遭遇的网络攻击积极开展过调查。中国军方坚称了这一指控,否认他们是近期全球网络战剧增的受害者。



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